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A walk through the Koreas. However, not all of that money deposited is black. paper writer college vandermey pdf Any black cash squeezed out by demonetisation would then quickly get regenerated.

Useful as it is to look at the economic, social and political fallout of demonetisation and where we stand today, it is equally interesting to look at the press coverage of this major event. I have contributed mine to The Tribune. what is customer service essay When people put money into the bank, something that is anonymous gets tagged with their name. It would have needed a major disruption to make a clear break from the ancien regime. However, not all of that money deposited is black.

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All in all, looking at the coverage the first two-three months after Demonetisation , I would say that this was one of the better episodes in the recent history of the English language press in India. Now it says that idle money has come into the system, the cash-to-GDP ratio will decline, the tax base will expand, and so on. Editing an essay demonetisation and its impact As India marks the first anniversary of the note ban on Wednesday, expect a stream of analysis pieces on the decision and its impact in the past year disclosure: However, the media in general has skirted this subject, preferring sometimes to dismiss it as a case of the poor deriving pleasure from the troubles of the rich, a sort of Schadenfreude. Then as cash returned to the system and as the deadline for returning old notes passed, the reporting and the analysis tapered off.

But it never died out. In the long run, a move away from the use of cash is the surest way of curbing the black economy. Editing an essay demonetisation and its impact What is difficult is to establish is whether the person depositing the cash was liable to pay tax in the first place. It was carried out on the incorrect premise that black money means cash. No one, from any walk of life, had been spared the impact of Demonetisation and this was extensively reported in the media.

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There was certainly evidence that the number of electronic transactions went up. What is 'capital structure' in finance? Nothing came of it and demonetisation was announced. need help in writing an essay competitive exams Whether Indians have changed the way they make payments is questionable. The big failure of demonetisation is that it was carried out without preparation and caused big losses to the unorganised sector.

Any policy has to be judged in terms of its original intention. The most intense coverage was seen in November-December , the first two months after demonetisation. how to write senior project research paper The first is a shift in payment patterns. It now argues that it is good that black money has been deposited in the banks because those depositing it can now be caught. Please Email the Editor.

But it does not have the resources for dealing with lakhs of tax payers. There was an evolution in the depth of media reporting and analysis after the announcement on November 8. write custom essays quickly But cash is only one component of black wealth:

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The business newspapers tended to be more careful in their reporting, tuned as they are to uncritically welcoming any measure that they think looks like reform. Please Email the Editor. Editing an essay demonetisation and its impact What is 'capital structure' in finance? As far as all these secondary objectives are concerned, one would have to take stock of them only as things pan out since these are part of longer-term phenomena. It was carried out on the incorrect premise that black money means cash.

This was also the time when the government had just pulled off the surgical strikes across the Line of Control on September 29, , which received near-unanimous praise in the media. Reflecting the closed nature of the Bharataiya Janata Party and the Narendra Modi Government, this analysis tended to be more of speculation. Editing an essay demonetisation and its impact This was not surprising because no event of this scale had till then taken place in India or elsewhere in the world.

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