Psychology clinical dissertation

Aileen Burnett An investigation into self-harm in primary school aged children James Carr The impact of pre-morbid personality on challenging behaviour in dementia Lisa Gallimore Young children's beliefs and attitudes towards mental health Amanda Gill Development and primary validation of the Thought Control Questionnaire TCQ for adolescents Hannah Goring Measures of depressive rumination and of underlying metacognitive beliefs: Stephen Mullin Does Executive Functioning predict behaviour change in offenders following the enhances thinking skills programme? Evaluation of an educational Approach. Claire Matchwick The perceptions of cause and control in people with Alzheimer's disease.

David Wheatcroft Attitudes towards help-seeking, coping and mental health in farmers. Lord, Ailsa The experiences of staff supporting people with dementia, death and bereavement. service essay writing phrases french Catherine Gartside Social support as a mediator of the impact of crime on the mental health of older adults. Burden, Nicolas Body image and self-disgust as self-appraisals influencing adjustment to limb amputation. Hannah Wilson Clinical psychologists' experiences of accessing personal therapy during training.

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Victoria Cairns Experiences of support for first-episode psychosis: Rachael Line Understanding intimacy and its effects on wellbeing for a sample of older women: Kriten Mistry Exploring the psychological experiences of people living with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease.

Kathryn Evans Support staff's experiences of relationship formation and development in secure services. Yasmeen Akram-Saleem A study to investigate empathy amongst adult offenders and non-offenders with mild intellectual disabilities. Psychology clinical dissertation Reed Cappleman Managing bipolar moods without medication:

Foat-Smith, Gemma Staff experiences in paediatric trauma services: A social model of disability perspective Browne, Claire Psychological interventions in forensic learning disability services: Catherine Cooper Stories of ongoing transition: An exploration of personal accounts of self-harm and self-injury.

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Ruth Clayton The journey through early intervention services: Clare Calvert An exploration of the relationships between trauma and delusional ideation in secure services. Lord, Ailsa The experiences of staff supporting people with dementia, death and bereavement. mba essays services on strengths and weaknesses A grounded theory informed study from the perspectives of those involved Goakes, Natasha The relationships between mental health experiences, trauma and posttraumatic growth Hopper, Mirella Quantitative investigations of compassion satisfaction and challenges to compassion in mental health professionals Irving, Kerry Relatives' experiences of last resort interventions for people with mental health difficulties McKail, Rachel Exploring transracial and transethnic international adpotion McNeil, Jay An exploration of transgender people's mental health Price, Kelly What is the relationship between self harm and self compassion in the context of voice hearing Regan, Laurence The views of adults with Huntington's Disease on assisted dying:

Kathryn Heaton Men with intellectual disabilities who display sexually abusive behaviour. Sicilia, Anna Chiara Risk-taking behaviour in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder. doctoral thesis writing verbs Considering the wider context. Louise McKenzie An examination of the factors that affect activities of daily living skills in individuals who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

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Tikare, Nicola The experience of seizures: Claire Rockliffe-Fidler Sexual functioning in women with diabetes. Karen Mellor Emotion identification, emotion word fluency and alexithymia in people with learning disabilities. Psychology clinical dissertation Karen Shimmon An investigation of Inhibitory control in hard to manage preschoolers and the effects of 'Executive Skills' training. Epilepsy and non-epileptic attack disorder.

Hannah Wilson Clinical psychologists' experiences of accessing personal therapy during training. Saveker, Sarah Relationships between mental imagery, emotion and suicidality in extreme mood states. Psychology clinical dissertation Rouski, Charlene Looked after children's experiences of self-harm: Victoria Cairns Experiences of support for first-episode psychosis:

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