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One of the best examples would be the priest scandal that was covered in the movie Spotlight. If there is an event happening sometime soon or you perhaps want to focus on the local arts scene that has always been overlooked, you can try tapping into that as a newsworthy topic. hec theses online After you are through researching, the next thing to do would be to look for good and credible sources who could share their insights, their thoughts, their feelings, their hopes and dreams on a certain issue. Generating Article Ideas Analyze publications you enjoy reading. More Examples in Education Essays.

Weave in quotes from experts or reliable sources. Because at the end of the day, you cannot really guarantee that you will be able to use all of them. buy argumentative essay for death penalty in philippines You may notice that every article in a magazine or a newspaper, no matter how short, has a quote to add substance. It was later when they discovered that the issue was much bigger and much deeper than it seems when the Spotlight team conducted their own research on the link between the raped victims, the priests behind them, and the lawyers who covered for them. You may also check out on how to write a summary for more information.

Before the new editor-in-chief took over for The Boston Globe, a newspaper report about a certain priest who was accused of raping a child never received a follow-up article after that. Unlike the news however, the content found in magazines are not a mix of current issues, with business reports and sports news. the help essay bullying But there are some techniques that you can follow in order to enhance your writing skills better. You can then lean on these to create the article outline. You would want to to leave your readers more educated and more engaged by the time they finish your article.

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Try reaching out to as many sources as you can since you will never know who might actually be available for interview. Weave in quotes from experts or reliable sources. Article writing needed of format pdf But if the possibility of interviewing someone of a high position is present and available, go for it as not every person who works for that certain company has the background information you might need or require for your article. But if it could not be avoided, you can always settle for a recorded phone call interview or even an interview through Skype.

You may also see report writing examples for more information. They would normally compare the content of their competitors and from that they begin to conduct their own analysis and see what improvements they can work on for the next printed or digital issue. Article writing needed of format pdf If your source would happen to speak in anything other than the vernacular that you are using for the magazine, it would be best to get a translator who can help you translate whatever the source says to the language you need to write it on.

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In news articles, weaving in quotes from your sources are also said to add spice and color to a report as it is not just purely data and facts alone. There is a very simple reason as to why it is called news and is written and published on a daily basis. company report writing on global warming its causes and impact Locate individuals who could be good sources.

After all, if not for them, who else are they writing it for? Without quotes from your sources, no one would actually want to take the time to read your article unless if it is a PR article. It is the trick on how you get an issue that has been previously reported before and turn it into something fresh and new that the public never even knew about it, which makes an issue worth digging through and newsworthy. dissertation abstract word count When you find yourself working in the media industry, it is of utmost importance to maintain your ethics and values because there will be times wherein you will be tested as a person when the other party will offer bribes or ask you to be biased to a certain side. But oftentimes, the best topics are the ones that reporters and journalists would go great lengths to cover that particular story.

One tip would be to go through your local newspaper for human interest stories that may have national relevance. Just because a certain issue has already been covered by the news does not mean it is considered irrelevant afterward. write my college paper essay In news articles, weaving in quotes from your sources are also said to add spice and color to a report as it is not just purely data and facts alone. You may also see reflective writing example s should you need more references whatsoever. Content may be king, but the flow and structure of the story is considered to be the prince.

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Think of it like writing for a newspaper company except you are going to be more relaxed as the deadlines are not that pressured as magazines only get published once a month. Try your best to make the transcribed interview as brief and as relevant as possible. Article writing needed of format pdf Apply editor and peer feedback to the article.

Highlight any good quotes from your sources and key pieces of information from your research. Revise the article for flow and structure. Article writing needed of format pdf You may also see application writing examples.

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